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Including: Medjool Dates with Walnuts, Yogurt Covered Peanuts, Olives Chilli and Garlics

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John M
Feb 14, 2022

My partner bought me Turkish Delight from Dorri…it was the best I ever tasted. Presentation was outstanding and service excellent.

Keith Ireton
Nov 8, 2021

It is very difficult to find good quality Turkish Delight the texture needs to be right not to hard or to soft, the flavours need to be realistic but not over the top. I can honestly say this is the best Fruit Turkish Delight i have ever eaten.Recently ordered Orange. Pineapple. Apple. and Vanilla .All great but Pineapple is my favourite

Smae H
Feb 4, 2022

Placed my first order a couple of weeks ago and was so impressed, I have placed another 2 orders this evening 🍬🍭. I came across this website when looking to purchase my all time favourite ‘Candy Poles’. So glad I ordered from Dorri, as they are without a doubt, the best we have ever tasted. The best part of this service is the freshness of the sweets - honestly, straight out of the factory kind of quality. You can tell they take the storage and packaging process very seriously. This results in amazing tasting sweets! Would recommend to anyone 100%.

Robert King
Aug 16, 2021

Absolutely great products as always. Makes a really lovely unusual gift for friends. Have tried a lot of the products and never been disappointed. Brilliant customer service and efficient delivery.

Nicola Mcevoy,
Dec 15, 2021

I’m on my second 350g bag of honey cinnamon cashews and I’ve already ordered my third, they are absolutely beautiful! Delivery is so fast and it’s free as well which I think is amazing! Next I’ll be trying the honey cinnamon peanuts and the chilli nuts. Thanks again guys for the discount!

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Over 15 years ago, we started this business in the open-air markets in the UK and around Europe. Since 2016, our online store offers you the same personal service we did back then, and we’re still bringing smiles to our customers’ faces.

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