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Turkish Delight Mixed

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  • Comes in a re-sealable bag for continuous freshness
  • Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans
  • Our Turkish delight mixed is mouth-wateringly good for any occasion
  • Our handmade Turkish delights are sure to satisfy any sweet tooth
  • Turkish delight also known as Lokum or Loukoum


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Our hand made, refreshing and exotic Apple, Banana, Cherry, Lemon, Orange, Mint, Rose and Strawberry flavour is a genuine Turkish treat, is one of the most delectable sweets in the world. Enjoy this decadent Turkish delight with a warm cup of tea or just as your dessert.


Sugar, Maize Starch, Water, Icing Sugar, Natural Flavour (Apple, Banana, Cherry, Lemon, Orange, Mint, Rose, Strawberry), Colouring (E110, E129, E102), Acidity Regulator: Citric Acid.

Allergen Advice:

For Allergens see ingredients in BOLD, packaged in the same facility as PEANUTS, TREE NUTS, other NUTS, SESAME and DAIRY products.

Product Information

While every care is taken to ensure that our product information is correct, food products and recipes are constantly being reformulated meaning that ingredients, allergens, dietary and nutritional content may change from time to time. Given this fact you should always read the product label and not rely solely on the information provided on web listings.

Nutritional Information

Values per 100g

Energy 1500kJ/354kcal
Carbohydrate 88g
Of which Sugar 77g
Fat <1g
Of which Saturates <1g
Fibre <1g
Protein <1g
Salt <1g

93 reviews for Turkish Delight Mixed

  1. Kimberly Darnella

    Never tried Turkish Delights I loved this brand! Great first try. Will purchase again soon. Very fresh!


    Beautiful flavours, best Turkish delight ever ! Thank you

  3. Loki

    Super sweet and fruity, except the rose which (imho) was the weakest flavor. Still good, though. Enjoyed every bite. My favorite was orange. Even my sister, who doesn’t care for Turkish Delights, thought it was excellent.

  4. mr steven b greenall


  5. Rachel Frazer

    Tastes great, and good value for money

  6. River

    This Turkish delight is beautifully flavoured. It’s a bit firmer than my ideal hence 4 stars.

  7. Prospero

    The texture and flavour of this Turkish Delight is excellent.
    Some reviews have said that they don’t care for the mint flavoured pieces, but I do actually like it. It is a pleasant ‘fresh mint’ rather than peppermint.
    My favourite has to be the lemon, though, which is lovely.
    A perfect accompaniment to a Turkish coffee.

  8. Matthew

    Amazing flavor, came double wrapped as promised, lovely amount of powdered sugar/starch, some prices are fully cut so you may have to use hands but still great!

  9. D De Marco

    I’ve always wanted to try Turkish delight- I was NOT disappointed. I bought the mixed fruits selection. So delicious…I have to pace myself – love them all: lemon, orange and cherry!!!


    Really delicious and a good texture

  11. Reddfoxx

    Very tasty, several flavours, quality little bits of perfect Turkish Delight.

  12. Peggy Burgin

    Children’s party theme The Lion Witch and the wardrobe.

  13. Pamela K

    These are the flavours I was looking for! These are very delicious. And the packaging? No air was getting in!!! Yum!!!

  14. Frances M

    Will be buying these again they are amazing.

  15. Nette

    There were many flavors and a delight I treated myself to. I would like to buy locally but the speciality stores have disappeared in the past couple of years. The problem is you can’t just eat one. I would buy these Turkish delights again.

  16. Jade Williams

    I loved how soft these were. They were the perfect bite of soft sweetness

  17. Sean Winder

    So fresh , so many flavours , soft and tasty
    Fast delivery and excellent value for money
    I’ve just come back from Antalya and had so many different flavours
    But this I’ve just purchased is the best I’ve had

  18. eve m


  19. Joseph

    Taste and packaging exceeded my expectations.will buy again

  20. Rebecca Miranda

    I loved all the flavors, even the rose water! The flower taste is so mild and it’s more pleasant than I thought it was going to be. I’ve been dying to try these since first saw them in that one movie and I’m not disappointed. Will buy again soon!
    Whole family loves them

  21. Person

    I’ve never had Turkish delight. I think everyone should try this sweet.

  22. Kimberly

    I have had these before many years ago. They are just like I remember. So delicious 😋

  23. Dorri Customer

    They were soft, my kids actually liked the rose flavor and the orange the best. I had heard not great things about Turkish Delight but this was pretty good! They are pretty small pieces, it was more for the Narnia experience….a fun treat!

  24. Jena

    Oh my gosh these are so good. I love these. I buy these as a treat when I want to reward myself and holy moly I would eat the whole bag if I could. Personally I like the rose flavor but it is not for eveyone. The other flavors are good too……I am just a fan of that light rose taste. Try them. They are wonderful.

  25. Rene

    Great value for the Turkish Delight addict!

  26. Priscilla B.

    Used.it to “tame” a sweet tooth craving. It has.a wonderful gummy, chewy texture. The
    Fruit flavors are so delicious. The rose flavor is especially delightful.

  27. Nik

    My family enjoyed the product over Christmas. Mint flavour wasn’t popular.

  28. Arianne Clarke

    Super delicious and good quality. Will absolutely buy again, it’s amazing

  29. The stainless steel rat

    Best Turkish delight I have tasted outside Turkey. Really, really, good. The packaging is super basic but as the money has clearly gone into the contents I don’t care. Probably the Turkish delight of choice for the White Queen in Narnia.

  30. Sage

    They were good, chewy and sweet

  31. strawberry

    We were studying Turkey in our homeschool lessons and my daughter was curious about this treat. We ordered and was not disappointed! Will order again! It’s actually made in Turkey and she kept the bag as a keepsake.

  32. fletzie

    One of my favorites to send to my sister since she loves these turkish sweets.

  33. Bill S

    Yummy! These are some of the nicest Turkish delights I’ve ever had!!

  34. Alana Proctor

    Very good, my grandmother liked it a lot. Would purchace again. Very powdery when opening beware.

  35. Cap’n Bob

    Nice Tiurkish Delight. Full of flavour.

  36. carol kilminster

    Super texture, great flavors perfectly made

  37. Dee C.

    I never tried Turkish delights and was excited to try. Met my expectations and very tasty. I will order again.

  38. N. Owen

    Very tasty. If you like Turkish Delight you will enjoy this product. I ate half the box in one sitting.

  39. Tinkb

    Absolutely delicious, brilliant quality beautifully arranged & packaged within the bag. It sits so perfectly in the bag. Glad tried it. First class thank you 🙂❤️

  40. Anna M Dolan

    Perfect texture not too chewy! Amazing flavour range and strong flavours. Absolutely delicious would recommend

  41. Mariah

    They remind me of an amazing cruise of the Mediterranean back in ’72 that included stops in Turkey and Cyprus where I had my first taste of this national, iconic dessert. Sahane!

  42. kifah

    Excellent sweet nice flavor brings with it the nice memory of Istanbul

  43. Susanne keen

    This is the best Turkish Delight I have ever had. I have ordered these a few times now and will continue to buy lots more in the future. Don’t hesitate try it for yourself, I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

  44. helen strauss

    These are delicious IF you like very sweet treats.

  45. Lynners

    Package arrived quickly and in perfect condition. They taste wonderful. I would buy these again.

  46. David Cheung

    The Turkish delight is excellent quality, fresh, soft, chewy and reasonable price. The delivery is fast and efficient (2 days) and free. I would certainly buy it again; different flavour turkish delights . I am glad to find this shop.

  47. Monica

    A truly delicious sweet treat. Excellent quality and packaged so they can be delivered through the letterbox.

  48. Tillman A.

    Good but small amount.

  49. Elizabeth A. Evanson

    Just as delicious as I remember. It may not a good thing for my waistline that I have a new source!

  50. M.I.S.

    Delicious. My only mistake was that I ordered a small bag.

  51. Lisa

    I have ordered this product twice. It arrives quickly, is fresh and as advertised.

  52. S.Brown

    Great Turkish Delight. My only criticism is that it’s devilishly moreish and I will be forced to order more soon.

  53. Anica

    It was delicious.I remember eating it a lot when I was a kid.It is very flavorful. I will definitely buy again as a gift

  54. D. C. Martin

    Ok but not great.

  55. Eleanor Herbert

    Fun to eat and unusual and very real rose flavor.

  56. Jan

    My husband loved them

  57. Cindy L

    Not too sweet the perfect snack

  58. Savannah Russell

    Worth the wait very delicious will order again

  59. Alesha Henry

    I was very satisfied and impressed with how soft it was. Great value for the cost!

  60. Genesisdp

    not very flavorful.

  61. Alex

    It is so fresh and delicious, a treat any time of day!

  62. Ken

    Flavours are great. Not overpowering or really chewy like others I’ve ordered. Will definitely order this again

  63. Kourtney Smith

    It was cute thought I would get some for Christmas treats and they were yummy

  64. Michelle

    Brought this for my mum she loves it

  65. Todd Nacey

    My kids read about “Turkish Delight” in a C.S. Lewis book and they told me they had never tried that type of candy before. The flavor was excellent. Everyone wanted more. It would make a very nice gift, or to keep the box on your coffee table to offer to guests. The packaging is colorful and attractive

  66. Tamara G.

    My son and myself love these candies very much and order them very often. Really delicious.

  67. Dot Driver

    My nephew was curious as to what a Turkish delight tasted like based off him watching Edmund in Chronicles of Narnia. So I ordered this candy for him. He was not a fan in nor was I of the rose flavored.

  68. Marina

    I was looking for some gummy like but all of the one I had tried carry a high fructose content, but not this kind, they a fruity, natural sweetener, loved loved them. Sad that I ate them in two days😂when were supposed to last me a week. Highly recommend them.

  69. Mary givens

    They are delicious and wonderful for sharing with family and friends just need to buy more cause they are gone

  70. Suzanne W

    I bought this as a Christmas gift for a friend. She told me that it is the best Turkish Delight she has ever tasted – especially the mint flavour. Will definitely buy again.

  71. Scott

    I highly recommend this seller’s product!

  72. R Adams

    I had a hard time stopping myself from eating too many pieces all at once

  73. SAIZKA

    The product arrived very nicely pack, very fresh.

  74. hkennett

    We tried a mixed bag of these (the flavours are a mix of Apple, Banana, Cherry, Lemon, Orange, Mint, Rose and Strawberry.)
    They were absolutely delightful to our palates, with the Rose and the Strawberry being particularly delicious.
    My wife has never liked Turkish Delight and has tried many over the years. Didn’t like any of them previouslt. This is the first Turkish Delight (from Dorri) she has tried and said, “Oh my, This is the one. This is simply amazing. I guess I like Turkish Delight now 🙂
    Neither of us are vegan, but we just don’t like the taste nor the thought of gelatine, and these T.D from Dorri really hit the spot being vegan-friendly. Thank you Dorri !

  75. Brandi Estep

    Too much powder

  76. Kate C.

    they are worth every penny as they taste amazingly delicious. Most candies flavors taste artificial but this taste exactly like the real fruit or flavor it says it is down to its tartness & tangyness (lemon & orange) and essence (rose) . It also uses natural food coloring. Will order this brand again in the future.

  77. D. Sang

    I haven’t had some in years but we recently saw the Chronicles of Narnia (The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe) with our kids and I wanted to show them what Turkish Delight was (plus I had a craving). they were really gooooood.

  78. EILEEN’O

    It was a gift for my daughter

  79. katherine Kleinow

    Delicious and my company loved them

  80. Steelers

    Bought this as a xmas gift for my sister who will be 100 years old 1, 11, 22.This has been one of her gift before, and they raved about them. Very fruity taste.

  81. Jacat

    I had never tried this item, someone recommended it and I really like it, especially the rose. Really great service, vendor shipped fast and the product is tasty. The packaging keeps it fresh and I will order again.

  82. Corazon

    this was a gift for someone who had the desire to taste Turkish Delights….upon reading other reviews, i decided to try this one for the variety of flavors. A+++ approval by the recipient. soft and flavorful. GREAT amount for the money 2.

  83. Adrienne

    It came in 3 flavors of lemon, orange & rose. It was delicious & a great treat after meals. 😋👍

  84. Elizabeth Burns

    Not as sweet as I remember other brands being.

  85. PAT

    This was pretty good!

  86. El Sheehan

    small pieces but delicious, great with turkish coffee!!

  87. Glenda


  88. Rebecca Puckett

    I love them so much

  89. Ricnard Wagner

    Think everyone will like these sweets

  90. ann leyden

    It was a gift that was very well received and not easy to find locally.

  91. Ariana

    My daughter turned 6 last week and has really been wanting to try Turkish Delight so I decided to purchase this as a little side treat in addition to her other birthday gifts. Having worked with Mediterranean and Middle-Eastern goods for a quite some time, I’ve learned that Turkish Delight can sometimes be hard and/or flavorless if the product is cheaply/poorly made or has been sitting for a while so I was quite nervous about an internet purchase especially since I am on a budget and could not afford the brands I am most familiar with and trust. I am very glad I decided to take the risk! I was incredibly pleased with the chewy jelly texture which was not too sticky or tough, and the intact flavor, especially the rose which is usually the first to go if the product has been sitting. They were so tasty and yummy and a wonderful experience for my daughter, thank you so very much!!!!

  92. Maria

    The flavor is really good!!
    Texture is soft and chewy!! I love the rose flavor.
    Exactly what I was looking for!!

  93. Caroline

    Got for my kids to try while we read Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe. We all loved it and want to order more!

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