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Pickled Garlic Cloves

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  • Comes in a re-sealable bag for continuous freshness
  • Keep the vampires away
  • Does not make your breath smell
  • Can be used in salads and cooking
  • All the weights given are in drained weight

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Whole garlic cloves, blanched to remove the harshness of the raw garlic. This leaves a sweet flavour without raw garlic’s assertive burn and pungent aftertaste, but retains all of its crunchiness.


Whole garlic in brine.

Allergen Advice:

For Allergens see ingredients in BOLD, Packaged in the same facility as PEANUTS, other NUTSSESAME and DAIRY products.

Product Information

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104 reviews for Pickled Garlic Cloves

  1. Philip Wain

    I will buy again. Good value.

  2. orginzo


  3. Harvey

    So good, ive ordered twice more!

  4. Marilyn Saunders

    Not Pickled.

  5. Surfer.

    The best pickled garlic tasted. Fresh and crunchy. Ideal for mixing with olives in olive oil as an aperitif. Ordered a second time and will reorder again as not disappointed with the quality.


    Excellent and tasty

  7. John M.

    not bad

  8. L.

    These pickled garlics are amazing. They taste exactly the same as those that come with the the Co-op olives.

  9. Gareth Fieldthmas

    Really good value. Really like these

  10. Mr J F HOOPER

    Really good flavour, I eat it as a snack but can be used in cooking and salads

  11. Crystal

    Excellent product – crunchy garlic with a lovely flavour. Very quick delivery.

  12. chumley

    Great product great supplier

  13. Elaine Jolly

    Lovely sweet garlic. Well wrapped. Good condition.

  14. Bill Peebles

    We have always favoured the fragrata garlic but they are very difficult to get now. This product is every bit as good and we will be happy to use them again.

  15. Valerie Valeraa

    I’m very happy to have found this source for pickled garlic. I love the stuff!

  16. john flew

    The texture of the garlic is very good with a good flavour.
    Will buy this again and again.

  17. Lowenhaus

    Amazing value for money and incredibly versatile.

  18. Michael W

    I always order this one; I have tried others but this has been the best

  19. Cenk

    Not good

  20. Melody

    Saves hours de-skining the garlic cloves

  21. J.Taylor

    Very pleased

  22. Clare Keating

    Very tasty, lovely with warm fresh bread and cubes of cheese.

  23. Dr C.

    I am a repeat customer!

  24. Jules Dawson

    These are delicious. We eat them like sweets. When guests come round we put out a bowl and they disappear. Everyone loves them. They don’t make your breath smell and while my husband and other friends have been eating at least 1 a day their colestrol levels have gone back to normal.

  25. Bill Kruse

    I always like to have some of these around now for ease of use, just chuck them in with whatever.

  26. Trish

    Taste good. I take some cloves every day to improve my immunity.

  27. Pamela wright

    Not sweet

  28. ARY

    Holy Cow these are absolutely delicious I could eat them all day 😋 😍

  29. Ivor Thomas

    Repeat order & will order again

  30. Kacey

    I have been buying small ttubs of this kind of garlic from healthy food shop which was much more expensive. These taste just as good and are quality and crunchiness is good I eat them like sweets, but it will take me a while to get through a kilogram and have frozen some which I hope will be OK.

  31. M lim


  32. Camila M.

    Too pickled

  33. Hilary

    Strong enough taste for me

  34. Daniel

    I don’t usually write reviews because I can’t be bothered. I bought some garlic cloves in Lidl around Christmas time and they was amazing they stoped selling them I searched all supermarkets I couldn’t find them or anything similar.
    I ordered these wasn’t too sure if they was what I wanted.
    They are.
    There amazing crunchy great taste I 100% will be ordering moor.

  35. Matt

    Delicious. Sweet,crunchy and very tasty.

  36. gordon morris


  37. old peculiar

    Good value promo service. Will reorder in due course

  38. Molly McCubbin

    I dislike it

  39. Paul Ayriss

    Very tasty

  40. Jim

    Nothing Crazy

  41. sandan

    Great product

  42. Dee

    Nice on salads but to much vinegar

  43. Dominic

    They taste nice and are a quality snack which keep well in sealed bottles in the fridge

  44. S.G.A.Tallowin

    I really like this product,good quality and flavour ,This was a repeat buy. The quality is still in this product my third buy I think as they last a long time stored in the original liquid

  45. Alice

    Pickled garlic was a gathering success. So much so that I was asked where I got them by many. Nice and crisp with just the right tang of vinegar. Keep well in the fridge.

  46. Fish

    Keep well in the fridge for ages.

  47. James A.

    I didn’t expect this quality for this price
    Unbelievable it is

  48. Adriana

    I love sweet garlic, and this was delicious. I will definitely purchase again.

  49. makpatterson

    Brilliant purchased Three packs. Will soon be getting Three more.use by date is very good 2025

  50. Popeye

    Excellent product and very good value.

  51. Gaarghoile

    No obvious smell of garlic according to my most discerning wife. I have three or four of these cloves a day for my general health they do apparently work and they are also tasty … most times – dependent more on my mood than my taste buds.

  52. neil callicott

    fantastic. the boss was more than happy

  53. Bess

    Nothing to dislike.
    Great value, great taste will get more , why?? Cause we like them pickled also we take and munch them from the jar.

  54. brian nicholls

    a must for food lovers, great taste

  55. karen bevis

    I was expecting a much smaller package and then this monster package arrived. Don’t get me wrong I love garlic and can even eat it completely raw but it is storing and reusing this monster that has me wondering

  56. Kevin J. Meredith


  57. MS S GROUT

    first class

  58. Michael

    Three minutes in the microwave (covered) makes a very tasty snack or addition to soups, stews etc

  59. jacz

    Very nice, garlic is good for you and to get it in this tasty crunchy pickle is amazing…… Brilliant value for money

  60. M.J.Sutton

    Nice size cloves and flavour will buy again

  61. Anna Joyce Jones

    My second bag I need to order more it’s amazing

  62. Saz T

    Love these and will be ordering more

  63. Mr G

    Excellent quality

  64. Darren Burke

    Nice and crunchy and lovely flavour. I love em!

  65. A. KIDD

    I have bought a few packs & now I wouldn’t buy any other, great freshness & flavor. Would definitely recommend

  66. Happy hippie

    Good size cloves, well packaged quick delivery.

  67. Tommy

    Excellent all round

  68. Foresco

    Good value and service.

  69. Mrs M.

    Crunchy, quite sweet tasting and brilliant value for money – what’s not to like

  70. Tegan

    Not so good

  71. Amelia

    Love love love love love these! This is a repeat order, I cant get enough! I am experimenting at the moment and drained this 1kg bag and put the cloves into a jar with pickled gherkin juice (I ate the gherkins already, lol) and oh my days they taste epic. Don’t get me wrong, I like them right out the brine too I was just wondering if it would work and it did.

  72. Mave Attwell

    Nice and crispy and flavourful. I have them as a snack or eat them with a meal.

  73. P Fox

    Good flaver. Need to keep it in the fridge as the lquide goes cloudy if not.

  74. Tim Denyer

    The garlic cloves look nicely presented, I must be honest and say I’ve only had a short time and used in a couple of meals, my initial assessment is they have less flavour than I anticipated, also they should be cheaper and delivered in smaller jars as I will never finish them before they reach the use by date. I will continue use them and increase the quantity I use.

  75. Paul H.

    Absolutely delicious and so mooooooorish!!

  76. Daniel Gill

    All I can say is this exactly what I was hoping for. I bought this as a snack. The garlic was crunchy and the brine was vinegary but sweet and certainly not overly salty. in fact the Brian is so delicious that I could have just had that by itself.

  77. Monty

    Crunchy and moreish. Love em!

  78. Pamela wright

    they have excellent flavour and stay crisp they arrived on time will always recommend these


    Saves hours of de-skinning the garlic cloves ive made garlic purees and rough chopped garlic pots using E/V olive oil
    Recommend this to every body

  80. malbris

    Brilliant quality and value ❤️👍

  81. newespace

    lovely taste and crunch

  82. town gas

    the price made it for me great service

  83. MS S GROUT

    first class

  84. Phillistein

    Very tasty and I’m hoping very healthy. The flavour is quite sweet and not so much like the cooked garlic. I don’t think you’ll suffer from serious garlic breath after eating. Nice to snack on or add to salad


    Wonderful sweet garlic cloves, good price, great flavour, I wash them, dry them, put into oil. So very useful in the kitchen.

  86. Nadia

    Not the same as my friends

  87. Dylan

    Absolutely delicious; a definite for my shopping list.

  88. A real Batman

    Just perfect, great value, good flavour, all round winner. Decanted mine in to large jar, added some pickling vinegar and some chilli to add extra bite and loose saltyness from brine they’re in…..super tasty! Will be back for more as totally moreish!

  89. nogeek

    great on salads

  90. Meriem

    I love this garlic… the flavour isn’t very strong or hot, so it is perfect to add to anything.
    I keep mine in the fridge in its bag, and it hasn’t gone bad or anything.
    Highly recommended. Saved a lot of trouble, time and money!
    I’ll buy one again.

  91. Angela Nash

    If you like garlic you will love these

  92. Valspar

    just perfect

  93. michelle cox

    yum yum delicious fab with our salads

  94. richard

    Delicious and crunchy without the burn

  95. J. Hester

    I am so happy to have found these. I can’t get enough of them. they are so delicious. You don’t smell of garlic after eating them and they are amazing for snacks. Such great value for money.

  96. Treeviews

    Great value for money, I enjoy a few cloves most days now. The bag was well packed to prevent spillage etc. They taste pleasant, not overpowering or acidic like others I’ve tried.

  97. Paul

    Absolutely gorgeous. Can’t stop eating them. 1kg not going to last long. Ha Ha.

  98. Anthony primarolo


  99. Ainz

    These are exceptionally good!! Lovely mild and crunchy, I can’t stop eating them. Really lovely and don’t leave a garlic smell on The breath. Great value too in this 1kg bag, arrived on time and well packaged. Will Definitely be buying these again!

  100. thomas

    Very tasty great for salads or just a snack.

  101. Witney

    Fast delivery and good product but garlics aren’t as crunchy as you’d buy in a deli

  102. Mike

    Good value, And Flavour, I recommend

  103. Annette

    If ordered 3 bags now. When friends arrive they love them and I’m giving them all away as they are so good!!! I bottle them in oil and a great addition to the kitchen.. 5*

  104. Mrs Robinson

    Excellet flavoured garlic cloves

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