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Turkish Delight Pistachio

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  • Comes in a re-sealable bag for continuous freshness
  • Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans
  • Our Turkish delight pistachio is mouth-wateringly good for any occasion
  • Our handmade Turkish delights are sure to satisfy any sweet tooth
  • Turkish delight also known as Lokum or Loukoum



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Our hand-made, refreshing and exotic pistachio Turkish delight is a genuine Turkish treat, is one of the most delectable sweets in the world. Enjoy this decadent Turkish delight with a warm cup of tea or just as your dessert.


Sugar, Maize Starch, Water, Icing Sugar, Roasted Pistachio (14%), Acidity Regulator: Citric Acid.

Allergen Advice:

For Allergens see ingredients in BOLD, packaged in the same facility as PEANUTS, TREE NUTS, other NUTS, SESAME and DAIRY products.

Product Information

While every care is taken to ensure that our product information is correct, food products and recipes are constantly being reformulated meaning that ingredients, allergens, dietary and nutritional content may change from time to time. Given this fact you should always read the product label and not rely solely on the information provided on web listings.

Nutritional Information

Values per 100g

Energy 1590kJ/376kcal
Carbohydrate 80g
Of which Sugar 55g
Fat 4.9g
Of which Saturates 5g
Protein <2.5g
Fibre 1g
Salt <1g

80 reviews for Turkish Delight Pistachio

  1. J. Leckie

    I love this Turkish delight!
    It contains lots of nuts, so feels like a real treat. The jelly is firm and tasty too.
    You receive a good size bag which will last as you do not need to eat too many pieces to feel satisfied.
    I love it!

  2. Ed

    Packaged well and fresh. Just a little pricey

  3. Brooks

    This is my first time trying Pistachio flavoured Turkish Delight but I am a huge Turkish Delight fan so I was keen to try this new flavour to me and it didn’t disappoint.

    The sweet treats come in a ziplock bag so you can keep your sweets fresh. They are quite simply delicious, fat chunks of Turkish delight the are sift and squidgy with ample amount of dusting too with an added crunch of the pistachio which compliments the sweetness perfectly.

  4. Moniaak

    The bag they arrive in is sealable so the sweets stay nice and fresh. They are just right texture wise chewy but not too soft and not too firm. There are actual pieces of pistachios inside. I find them sweet but not sickly sweet like some other Turkish delights in the past. They are delicious.

  5. John

    Really good!!! Would get it again and would also consider it for gifts as it is different.

  6. Barbara B

    Delicious, unique, will definitely order again.

  7. Maria Soto

    Reminded us of candy we have had in Istanbul at the local coffee shops.

  8. Matilde Umana

    Everything I expected and more.

  9. Lynda

    Very different from what I was expecting. It’s delicious and is good with tea.

  10. Tulip

    Perfect small treat in the house to for a gift. Love the tiny guilt-free size.

  11. S. Thomas

    This Turkish delight is delicious. I was dreaming about going on holiday during yet another covid lockdown and decided to bring a few pieces of Turkey to me. I wasn’t disappointed.

  12. Kim

    If you like pistachio then this is the treat for you!


    Absolute perfection!

  14. Lady Spartan

    The taste is phenomenal. Can’t wait to buy more. A little small but very tasty.

  15. NT

    I love this taste and flavor.

  16. Tim S

    Tastes great, and doesn’t stick to teeth all that much, seems.

  17. John B.

    We opened a bag of this Turkish Delight at Christmas time and our whole family raved about the taste!

  18. Sharmilla G.

    Yummy and going to get more…

  19. June

    Best pistachio Turkish Delight I’ve bought in a long time. Their Rose one is really good too.

  20. Vivian

    Exceptional! This is a special treat!

  21. Blake

    This was so tasty, it’s a firmer texture but each piece had lots of pistachios in it.
    The flavour was good, not too overpowering but you could really taste the pistachios.
    I liked that there wasn’t too much powdered sugar coating it, there was just enough to stop it sticking together.
    The bag is resealable, however, as I promptly sat there and ate it in one sitting I didn’t really need it!!

  22. issac

    Arrived nicely packed, the bag is resealable. Good for keeping them fresh for longer.
    I have sweet tooth, and i like to eat Turkish delight. These are tasty, but I found them way too sweet.

  23. Mighty

    Very nice Turkish Delight. My partner is the real fan of the stuff in the house and she loved it. I also enjoy it but maybe not to the same degree but I really liked this.
    Pistachio is maybe not the obvious choice at all for flavouring Turkish delight but it works really well.
    The pack looks smaller than it actually is as it’s quite tightly packed and quite squished in but it does puff up when you take it out.

  24. TheManThatCan

    I always like the Turkish delight all types, all flavours so I’m happy to try this brand as well. This sweet treat arrived in envelope through the letter box. The cubes of Turkish delights are packed in sealed bag for the freshness. Each cube is coated by sugar powder so it don’t stick with the other cubes. I love the pistachio inside, so tasty, my favourite type of sweets, even if I don’t often eat sweets. Chewy texture is great, just the way I like. Pistachio tastes really well and all together makes tasty sweet treat. Can recommend it.

  25. Michelle Ryles

    WOW! My Best Turkish Delight Ever award goes to Dorri Pistachio Turkish Delight.

    This is one very tasty treat that feels so luxurious with the combination of crunchy pistachios and chewy Turkish Delight.

  26. Shopaholic

    This is literally the best Pistachio Turkish delight i have ever had, in fact i would go so far as to say its the best Turkish delight i have ever had full stop. The texture is spot on and the flavour is perfect. There is no fake colouring or flavouring it is simply natural and delicious. There are whole crunchy pistachio nuts in it too which works brilliantly with the chewy sweet texture of the Turkish delight. Do not miss out on this if Turkish delight is your thing! Stunning!

  27. Annali Koskinen

    This is very yummy Turkish Delight.

    It’s very firm in texture (unlike the strawberry) and is filled with actual pistachio pieces. The flavour is just gorgeous, and each piece is a good couple of mouthfuls. The icing sugar dusting gets absolutely everywhere, too, which is fun.

    If you like pistachio, and you like firm gummies, you will absolutely love this.

  28. Mike

    Repeat order. Always good.

  29. jazzfan

    It was a very nice treat. Delicious!

  30. Wasif

    Good taste

  31. Mr C

    I got the 150g sized (resealable), bag and the turkish delight, I’m pleased to report, is actually made in Turkey – so the real deal.

    The sweets are a bit compacted in the packet once opened, so it’s probably best to put them into some serving bowl first, but the Turkish delight are very well covered in icing sugar, have good sized roasted pistachio pieces inside and a not-too-sweet brown jelly to them.

    I think they are delicious and my family is enjoying them (rather too quickly!).

  32. Elli

    If you enjoy turkish delight you will love these ones. The some in a small cubes and are flavourful with pistashios. The texture itself is soft and fresh, important as many pre packed turkish deligths can taste stale or like the sugar has crystallised. The smaller size ensures you can indulge without feeling too much guilt as you get your fill of them once you have had 1 or 2. Goes perfectly with a lovely brewed strong tea or Turkish coffee or espresso.

  33. Jeanett Carol Scales

    I love this brand. My immediate and I have eaten it many times. I’m introducing it to my extended family this year.

  34. Mendo Shutaro

    A review from the wife… These pistachio Turkish delight bites are a tasty treat. They have a lot of icing sugar on them; you’ll have to accept there is no way to eat them without leaving an icing sugar trail. The Turkish delight is quite firm; I would have preferred it slightly softer. The pistachio chunks in them are a real treat and taste very good.

  35. Kelly H

    I am completely addicted to these.

  36. Honey

    Was absolutely delicious. Ive ordered some more

  37. BrickGirl

    This.is a great snack.
    Classic Turkish delight with pistachios.
    Big chunks of nut in each piece easily recognisable flavours.
    They have alot of sugar dusting on them which adds a lovely sweetness to it.
    The packet is resealable once opened.

  38. joe

    It was delivered on time.

  39. Tommy Hinson, Jr

    Very good it’s by far the best I’ve had

  40. L. Williams

    I have always liked Turkish Delight, and I am also partial to any kind of nuts, so when I saw this product which is a combination of Turkish Delight with added pistachio, I was straight in !!

    The pack is 150g and is resealable. It is actually made in Turkey which makes the product feel more authentic, as they obviously know what they are doing making it !

    I really like the taste of this Turkish Delight. It’s not overly sweet, and has quite a firm consistency. There is lots of icing surrounding the pieces, which stops them from sticking together, but beware – it will be all over your chin and clothes !! It contains generous pieces of chopped pistachio nut. I found it lovely with a nice cup of tea !

  41. Madre

    Really good quality Turkish delight, has a slighty chewy consistency and not too soft which I really liked , nicely sized pieces which have plenty of pistachios in.Not overly sweet which I preferred. Would definitely buy again.

  42. Mia

    This Turkish delight is unusual and delicious. It’s not quite as melt in the mouth as other Turkish delights, the pistachio nuts give it texture, extra flavour and crunch and the Turkish delight its self is firmer and chewier in the mouth. The flavours are delicious. It’s certainly not your typical Turkish delight and therefore great for Turkish delight lovers wanting to try something different. It certainly didn’t disappoint.

  43. Tech T-Rex

    A perfect match of pistachio & Turkish delight. Lovely chewy texture mixed with relatively large pieces of crunchy pistachio makes this quite the unique Turkish delight experience.

    My family & I managed to wolf this all down in one night – goes to show how nice it is!

  44. Sara

    The local stores don’t have this, and I am so happy to find a reliable source. This is one of my favourites!

  45. Tommy M.

    Perfectly roasted pistachios. Happy with purchase. Fresh and tasty.

  46. Heywoo

    Wow this pistachio Turkish delight is absolutely delicious. It’s not as a soft as some Turkish delight I’ve tried but I liked that, they have a good chew to them. Lots of yummy pistachios in each piece and plenty of icing sugar over all of them. Can’t get enough of these.

  47. J. Spencer

    This is classic Turkish style – i.e. very chewy, gets stuck in your teeth and is extremely moreish. Much better than the anglicised versions you get which only last seconds. You don’t get much in the bag, which is another way of saying we emptied it in one go! Would probably buy again, but in a better value larger pack.

  48. M.s

    My husband is a big fan of these delectable treats!

  49. VJ

    Very good sweet treat.

  50. Cathy

    These were purchased for gifts. I am not able to review

  51. Nurseontherun

    We ate a lot of these candies when we were in Turkey. Wonderful flavours, delicious and authentic.

  52. Liudmila Lukanina

    No complaints, great Turkish delight

  53. Tracy N

    Satisfying without being overwhelmingly sweet.

  54. Angie

    Absolutely delicious, I’ve had a few packs of this turkish delight as they are good quality. The texture is lovely and the pistachio is the best of the lot.

  55. Melly

    This was a great sampler treat as to what a Turkish delight is. I think it was tasty and chewy.
    May try fruit flavors

  56. Mary B. Peterson

    This Turkish candy is incredible! It is moist, chewy, and wonderfully sweet! I love the variety with pistachios!! This would make a great gift!! I will definitely order again!!!

  57. happygirl

    These are so good and I love the nuts in my delight. I wish I had ordered a big bag of it.

  58. D. Louis

    This Turkish delight is the best I have tasted and I have ordered it several times now.

  59. Fulya

    The best turkish delight I have ever had in UK.

  60. Solinoen

    I recently tried the Dorri Turkish Delight Pistachio, and I have to say it was a delightful treat!
    The Turkish Delight was soft and chewy, and the chopped pistachios added a delightful crunch to the treat.
    The Turkish Delight was not overly sweet, which was a nice balance for the pistachios. The presentation was lovely and the packaging made it easy to store the remaining treats. I found the 150g bag to be a perfect size for personal indulgence and for sharing with friends.
    I would highly recommend the Dorri Turkish Delight Pistachio to anyone who loves a sweet treat with a unique, floral flavor. It was a perfect mixture of sweet and savory and a wonderful new take on a traditional sweet.

  61. Kuba

    Having previously experienced authentic Turkish delight, this did not disappoint. I found that it wasn’t too sweet, and the pistachio pieces were plentiful and added a really nice texture.
    I would definitely recommend this, it is truly worlds better than the cheapo stuff you get at supermarkets, even if it is a little more expensive. You really do get what you pay for!

  62. Masoud

    Not disappointed at all. Had these delights with tea and they were a treat.
    Soft and good amount of pistachios

  63. Danny

    Even though it is not full of pistachio nuts the flavour is there (not a artificial flavour). It is a little bit chewy but has a lovely taste!

  64. Sandra

    A Christmas shopping

  65. Cemil

    I was thoroughly impressed with this exotic snack!
    As someone who loves trying out unique and flavourful candies, I was delighted to come across this Turkish delight candy with its rich blend of vanilla and pistachio flavors. The candy was handmade with care, which was evident from its fresh and high-quality taste.

  66. Pire

    I purchased this product for the first time I could not leave it alone, I could not believe that it was the best I have ever had , so I purchased two more. Do you have any other flavors that I can try ?

  67. Pam Park

    I loved the flavor and texture. Also fair amount of pistachios. Lots of powdered sugar. It’s hard to find this high quality. Will be ordering again.

  68. sharon coombs

    The pieces are really quite small but very tasty and not overly sweet, which is perfect as a nibble with drinks. A good sized bag too.

  69. Sylvia

    This is the nicest. Just the right amount of nuts and icing sugar. Very moreish.

  70. Sonia

    This is the 4th time I have ordered this item and as long as the quality and excellent service remain I will order it again.

  71. Nasir Waziri

    These Turkish delights are the real deal. For me, it is the perfect amount of pistachios and powdered sugar. The texture is ideal. They look and taste handmade. I just ordered a bigger bag because they disappeared too quickly.

  72. Lori Marino

    The nuts were very nice quality . Very delicious treat. The whole family enjoyed it .

  73. Adam

    It’s fresh and tasty.
    Yummy snack after dinner with a cup of tea.

  74. M. Babb

    Nice amount of Turkish Delight in a resealable pouch.

    Lots of pistachio, firm and sweet. One of the better I’ve had, and I’ve had similar from Turkey.

  75. RAW

    Lovely just like you get in Turkey

  76. Pete53

    Mmmm! I enjoyed eating these!

  77. letoksoz

    Very delicious highly recommended

  78. Richard Coats

    Nice and chewy and not too sweet

  79. Jojo

    Tastes incredible, was a bit worried about ordering online but no issues at all. Came in very nice sealed packaging. Have now have ordered more!

  80. Lulu

    A wonderful Turkish delight that I love forever.

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