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Nocellara Olives (Sicilian)

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  • Comes in a re-sealable bag for continuous freshness
  • Delicate flavour and a firm crunchy bite
  • Perfect as they are, or serve chilled on ice
  • Anyone who tries these will be in for a delightful tasting experience
  • All the weights given are in drained weight

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Straight from the famed olive trees of Sicily. Be careful when you eat them because they have stones. These olives are perfect for any occasion.


Nocellara Olives, Water, Salt, Acidity Regulator: Lactic Acid Antioxidant – Ascorbic Acid.

Allergen Advice:

For Allergens see ingredients in BOLD, packaged in the same facility as PEANUTS, TREE NUTS, other NUTS, SESAME and DAIRY products.

Product Information

While every care is taken to ensure that our product information is correct, food products and recipes are constantly being reformulated meaning that ingredients, allergens, dietary and nutritional content may change from time to time. Given this fact you should always read the product label and not rely solely on the information provided on web listings.

Nutritional Information

Values per 100g

Energy 691kJ/166kcal
Fat 15g
of which Saturates 2.7g
Carbohydrate 3.6g
of which Sugars 0.5g
Protein 1.1g
Salt 3.9g

128 reviews for Nocellara Olives (Sicilian)

  1. 3T3L1

    Will definitely be buying more.

  2. Florin totu

    Very healthy food

  3. Naomi Bozianu

    I love the flavour!!!!

  4. N. Dormand

    subjective I know..but for the variety very good … and they lasted in good condition after opening.. my maIn concern after buying in quantity!

  5. Paula

    If you haven’t tried them, give it a go!

  6. Ashton

    Best olives, been buying it for few years but now they became a bit too salty! Sadly , but after few days in water they taste better . Maybe producer can go back to the previous taste please.

  7. Ali H.

    Absolutely love the flavour of these olives they are crisp but also buttery, always make sure I have some of these in the fridge and I recommend all olive lovers to try this.

  8. Constantin Cosmin Peltea

    A good quality 👌

  9. BPT

    superb, I am thrilled. The products I have just purchased from you are excellent. Thank you. I will be ordering again- don’t sell out! 🙂

  10. A J Steele

    These are great, get some

  11. D. NEWTON

    My regular source of olives began to drop off in quality and this was the first alternate I came across with rave reviews, to which I’m happy to add my own. Such a fresh clean taste and firm texture, nocellara olives as they should be, and with the bonus of being in brine rather than oil.

  12. Mossi

    Wonderful product!
    This is my second 3kg order with this company.

  13. Ozan Vardar

    Packaged well & delivered fast. And as a mediterranean, I can easily say, the taste is great. From breakfast to midnight snacks, pasta sauce to wine-side cheeseplates fits perfect with everything. Emptied out the whole 3 kilos in 2 weeks days 🙂 Definitely reordering.

  14. Vicky

    I’ve tried these in Sicilia years back and since then I’ve been in love with them, this bag is perfect for home and fits well in the fridge , they are packed with flavour and meaty enough even tho they come with the stone

  15. MS

    Great value olives. They taste great, have a good texture and they are a fraction of the price of similar quality from the supermarket.

  16. Stephen Morgan

    Very tasty. Will buy again. Restaurant quality

  17. Hugo De Vries


  18. Giovanni Losito

    Beautiful and excellent quality

  19. Serhan

    Perfect olives, so delicious.

  20. Mr John Kyprianidis

    Great tasting olives and great service

  21. Elena Ellis

    Arrived very quickly, safely. Quality is excellent. Definitely recommend this product

  22. UK C

    Very happy with the quality of these olives.
    They are big and tasty too.

  23. mr k r brown

    Great flavour, drain and eat my fav olives.

  24. Anna

    OMG! I love these so much, olives are so tasty, it’s my to-go dessert now! Half of a 1kg bag eaten already in two days! Delicious!


    Working our way through – scrumptious.

  26. E.T

    I have been looking everywhere for these olives and I finally found them. These are the perfect olives for me and good value for money too. Yes, they are salty as it should be, because if you know how to cure olives, you would know that they are made with excessive salt. You can put them in a fresh water for a night to get rid of the excess salt. The ones you buy from groceries are already put in water for you. So, these are the best olives I had, I didn’t find any bad olive in my batch. Really good quality 👍🏼👍🏼

  27. Joel

    Great product and seller.

  28. Mark campbell

    Good value for money taste was really good

  29. Byron Orde

    They’re great! I am a big Nocellara lover so these ones were perfect! They didn’t last long 😀 so I bought 2kg package now!

  30. Harra

    Had an issue with the delivery, but that was resolved immediately. Great product. Would recommend product and seller.

  31. Charlotte Wilde

    Very yummy olives. Nice and meaty, firm and lasted a month!

  32. Fred

    Not the cheapest but definitely the tastiest olives – highly recommended

  33. Nika

    Good value for money. Fast delivery.

  34. Martin

    I eat olives on a daily basis and whole green olives remind me of Italy.

  35. Montague cutts

    Excellent product – have been eating Nocellara olives for many years (from Waitrose) and these are as good, if not better. Recommend to all olive eaters.

  36. Margaret

    Excellent product. Have ordered these olives in the past.

  37. Karina Zukova

    Love these olives, good quality for the best price! Will buy more)

  38. Lana Clark

    These are absolutely gorgeous. Bought a 1kg bag 2 weeks ago, I’m the only one in the house that eats them & already desperate to order more. I am officially a regular!!!

  39. Marylawyer

    We love them

  40. Charlotte Williamson

    The most delicious olives I have ever tasted.

  41. Sian Hume

    The best olives by far!

  42. pinkmona

    The best 👌

  43. Zdislav Josífko

    Best olives I’ve ever had.

  44. Tanya VZ

    Amazing olives, buttery, nutty, silky smooth. Great price too, as it is drained weight so you are not buying a load of brine

  45. Glynne L. Knight

    Nice flavour, good price. Firm olives, just as they should be, with great packaging including resealable bag. Highly recommended.

  46. Ruth

    Honestly the best olives ever. They are fat & juicy and absolutely delicious.

  47. Mehran

    All-time favourite, the best I have ever tried.

  48. Raj

    If you like olives these are the bad boys to buy by far
    They are buttery and very tasty, you won’t be disappointed!!

  49. Amzy

    Really nice thank you

  50. Oscar

    Excellent product ! 🥰 Very fast delivery ! Highly recommended ! 🥰 😂

  51. G G

    Tasty and full of flavour olives. Loved them.

  52. Olena Bykova

    The olives are very fresh, crunchy and taste like heaven!
    You cannot find such in supermarkets.
    Will definitely order again.

  53. AMY

    I bought and drained and store in a kilner jar in extra virgin olive oil – then use for eating as a snack, in salads and cooking. Never last long – so great value for money.

  54. Akeed

    Don’t understand the negative comments . Not too salty at all. Great taste & way cheaper than anywhere else

  55. Peter Cunneen

    Crunchy and delicious!

  56. LinM

    This is the 2nd time I’ve bought these olives. They are just as moreish as you’d expect nocellara olives to be. I’ll definitely be buying them again and would recommend to others.

  57. Ssusann

    Delicious and fresh.

  58. Stacey

    These are amazing. So fresh and really tasty. Will order again soon

  59. Lynn Mary Hutchinson

    They arrived promptly and taste delicious.

  60. ClienteDorri

    Quick delivery well packaged. Tasty, big and juicy olives.

  61. william mcginn

    Olives were fantastic .will defo buy again .probably soon because we cant stop eating them superb.

  62. Lionheart

    Wonderful spicy and fruity flavour- always a compliment to any salad or just on their own alongside cheeses.

  63. Monica

    Excellent quality and taste. Good size olives. They are in oil. Good value for money. Fast delivery.

  64. Mrs Zoe A H Jarrold

    Highly recommend & will be ordering more!!

  65. MSCD


  66. Crazylucian

    Exactly what the description says but juicier.

  67. RG

    Have bought these several times
    My favourite olives great flavour and good price
    Buy two kilos they store well in fridge

  68. Alican Safak Ozdek

    This was the first time we were buying from this seller. Olives were delicious and packed very well. We are only buying this olives from now😋

  69. Nicky McGarry

    Good value for excellent olives, very pleased.

  70. Bertie Bee

    These olives are crisp without toughness and full flavoured. Well presented in their pack. Prompt delivery. Would definitely recommend.

  71. Amina

    These are the best olives I could have bought! Very happy ordered thrice!

  72. EC Ian

    They are brilliant, the best olives I’ve ever tasted in the UK!!

  73. ODG

    I love nocellara olives and have bought from this seller more than 3 times now and the quality is always the same. Olives are always sweet, big and proper nocellara type. Will come back for more.

  74. Annia

    The best olives. Very meaty and full of flavour

  75. Sina

    thank you, very nice!

  76. Filipe

    the best and freshest nocellara olives i have ever found

  77. Fijaj

    Very good taste 5stars

  78. Mohammaad Hossein

    Delivery time and packaging was perfect. The olives were taste delicious and fresh.
    Definitely order again

  79. Mr B

    Super product, good quality, just add a little lemon.

  80. Esther

    I love the taste of these olives. Definitely recommend.

  81. Constantin Cosmin Peltea

    A good quality 👌

  82. douglas connell

    These are the best olives you can get. Large, luscious and tasty.

  83. MRS S.

    Amazing taste just like I had in Rome. Fantastic

  84. Shairra

    These olives are salty but I soak them to water for 1 day so I can get the right taste for me and it works. So good! Best value for money

  85. Richali

    Absolutely love these

  86. SP

    Speedy delivery service . Excellent value for money. These are Delicious, my favourite olives. Would highly recommend.

  87. Kim

    Recently tried these for the first time while at a tapas restaurant and they are delicious; unique flavour highly recommend. Similar size to nocellara but tangy rather than buttery.

  88. Raj

    If you like olives these are the bad boys to buy by far
    They are buttery and very tasty, you won’t be disappointed!!

  89. Flybread

    Great taste didn’t last very long as so enjoyed them

  90. Susan Bradburyd

    Absolutely delicious,thank you

  91. Yura

    Super fresh and juicy, my favourite type of olive. Absolutely not salty like other comments say, I was worried about this but took the risk. So glad I did, lovely, sweet savory buttery flavour.

  92. Martin

    Pretty nice nocellara olives, come in a bag with brine. Taste wise they are pretty good and sweet but this variety can be a little bigger. The one reviewed are medium sized, wish they were the large size nocellara type. Still recommended, decent value.

  93. Lisa G.

    I’m half sicilian, and I hate olives! ( odd, I know?).. But I tried this type last night, and I absolutely LOVE these!!! 😍😋

  94. Mamun

    Delicious can’t stop eating them will order more soon

  95. Giovanni Maccanti

    Excellent product!

  96. Joanne m daniel

    Lovely olives. Best I’ve tasted

  97. CK

    High quality, large & delicious olives.

  98. Gian


  99. JON

    Really consistent quality on my 4th bag I just use as a snack or side with a steak or such like.

  100. John J.

    Great product and so fresh and tasty.

  101. Roxana Novac

    Really nice olives!

  102. Sarah

    Great product at a good price. Very good delivery time.


    Fantastic flavour and up there with olives from high end restaurants.

  104. Mrs F Wilson

    The most divine olives, delivered to your door and at a good price – what’s not to love?!

  105. Angus Clarke

    Don’t make the mistake of looking around for alternatives, I’ve done that and I’ve come back time and time again. I’ll stick to these thanks, they’re the best for me.

  106. Mithran Sudhir

    Well packed, tastes incredible, lasts long. Sign me up.

  107. Becks

    We buy these regularly- great taste and offer great value for money

  108. Kim Ward

    Although these olives are expensive they are great.

  109. John

    A little salty for me

  110. Shairra

    My favorite Olives! Not salty and just right taste for me. Cant stop eating them 🙂 love it!

  111. Edwin McLean

    I love these olives, they don’t last in our house, as soon as they come we consume one can.
    Have to stop ourselves from eating the lot

  112. Chris

    No better tasting olives out there.

  113. Steve

    These are the best ones you can buy anywhere try them out

  114. [email protected]

    Great product love it.

  115. Filipe

    the best and freshest nocellara olives i have ever found

  116. nick upton

    These are some of the best olives you can get.

  117. R. Beck

    Love these! Only shame is the price so they are a bit of a treat

  118. Mrs Piglet

    These Nocellara olives have that characteristic buttery taste, are easy to chew (mind the olive stones!) and have a lovely flavour

  119. G. T. Jina

    Best olives available in the UK

  120. sharon williams

    Love these olives. Pricey but 1st class taste & quality

  121. P.Kha

    Nicely presented and great packaging very easy to use. I lived the quality and the texture of these olives. Tried before but these are the nicest that I’ve ever tried.

  122. Elena Ellis

    Arrived very quickly, safely. Quality is excellent. Definitely recommend this product

  123. R. Beck

    Love these! Only shame is the price so they are a bit of a treat

  124. FLAVIA L.

    There olives are very tasty!!!

  125. ARY

    Good for all sort of starters or in salads

  126. Amir

    I love Nocellara olives and these are firm, tasty and delicious

  127. S RAJAH

    Best olives to keep ready for unexpected visitors

  128. Benedek Toth

    Great quality, would buy it again.

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