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Raw Almonds

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  • Comes in a re-sealable bag for continuous freshness
  • Almonds are packed with protein, fibre, calcium, zinc, and antioxidants
  • Wonderful for vegans and in raw food recipes
  • Delicious and healthy for snacking

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Our Californian Raw Almonds have a fresh sweet nutty flavour and aroma, with a crisp crunchy texture. Our Supreme sized almonds can be added to stuffing, they can be ground and substituted for flour to create a moist, dense texture in baking or they can be enjoyed on their own as a healthy snacking.



Allergen Advice:

For Allergens see ingredients in BOLD, packaged in the same facility as PEANUTS, TREE NUTS, other NUTS, SESAME and DAIRY products.

Product Information

While every care is taken to ensure that our product information is correct, food products and recipes are constantly being reformulated meaning that ingredients, allergens, dietary and nutritional content may change from time to time. Given this fact you should always read the product label and not rely solely on the information provided on web listings.

Nutritional Information

Values per 100g

Energy 2534kJ/612kcal
Fat 49g
of which Saturates 3.9g
Carbohydrate 21g
of which Sugar 4.5g
Fibre 12g
Protein 21.7g
Salt 0g

93 reviews for Raw Almonds

  1. Linda

    My husband can’t get enough of these almonds!

  2. David.LK

    High quality nuts..

  3. patricia

    These almonds are crunchy and fresh…

  4. Darlene.k

    Love it and no salt the taste was delicious and again fresh..

  5. Colin

    Good for snacking in front of the TV.

  6. Caryn.

    Almonds are really good. Enjoyed them.

  7. Bad Moon

    A great snack, very nice to eat at any time.

  8. Christal

    Love these….Big, nice and fresh!

  9. Gipsy

    family and friends love

  10. Grace

    These are my go-to snack and what I use to make almond milk and almond butter.

  11. Melody

    These are the best Almonds ever! I use them to make homemade almond milk.

  12. Shirley L

    I use these almonds every day in smoothies and they’re the best! Very tasty!

  13. Sandy

    Always so happy with these almonds!!Love love them!!

  14. Javeria Saeed

    packing & taste is so good ! I’ll definitely buy it again & again

  15. Sandra

    Much needed each day…..every item is fresh!

  16. Julie brown

    Delicious nuts in cakes and desserts 🙂

  17. LKJ

    Very good almonds. Tried a different company and they were terrible. Won’t do that again.

  18. Mummy blossom

    Fresh whole almonds taste great! And good for you too 😍

  19. Xenophon

    Great for snacking

  20. Peter

    Good quality at a reasonable price.

  21. Sarah

    Crisp and gorgeous

  22. I.L

    Nice large nuts perfect for snacking & baking…

  23. elaine

    Like the freshness and the airtight container.

  24. Maggy

    Great for eating as well as making almond milk..

  25. Andy Gibbs

    Deliciously flavoured and reasonably priced almonds

  26. lorena

    Tasty, fresh, healthy. Will buy again!

  27. Karen

    I used these for homemade granola. They roasted up nicely and taste spectacular.

  28. Steven yo

    The almonds are very nice

  29. Larisa

    The packaging is nice and the nut pieces were big

  30. mrs.y.h

    Super crunchy and fresh! I use them on salads and granola…

  31. Marc P

    Received the almonds within a day, quality is great.

  32. MK

    Fresh nut. Taste great.

  33. Alfred

    From other brands this is the better one I prefer
    Others have a sandy taste but this one fresh, tastes good.

  34. Roland Cassard

    The almonds are decent quality.

  35. Therese

    We use these almonds in our shakes daily. Very good quality…

  36. Mahesh Kumar

    Great taste and best quality. I will order again

  37. Mad-L

    Perfect size, fresh and tasty.

  38. Karen

    Great quality. Will keep ordering it

  39. Nancy T

    Perfect alone or in salads!

  40. Judith Parker

    These Almonds are fabulous . Much better than I expected for the price ,Thank you

  41. Barbara

    Always fresh and yummy. These never last very long, as they are healthy and delicious!!

  42. Poppies Labuschagne

    Enough in one order! Fresh and tasty

  43. Susan

    Bought these for my son, who keeps a bag on his desk. Very healthy…

  44. Anne


  45. Sarah

    Love these almonds for almond milk. Homemade Cookies etc!! Yum

  46. Shirley

    A terrific snack in between meals. Super healthy

  47. Virginia Ka

    Like every product I buy from this company, the raw almonds are the best quality.

  48. James

    A repeat order..

  49. mubro

    Very good product at an very good price. These will last me months.

  50. Joe London

    These almonds were really fresh and excellent quality. Will definitely be buying again!

  51. Susan

    Love these. Always fresh. Large size.

  52. Bee dee

    Absolutely top quality Almonds. You won’t get better anywhere for the money and I will certainly reorder when these are finished

  53. M. B. King

    Delicious and great quality.

  54. Julie brown

    Delicious nuts especially in cakes.

  55. Bradley S


  56. Bradley S


  57. The Colonel

    Well done Dorri. Consistently good. The most recent of several purchases from you.

  58. Mark P

    Super yummy almonds. Perfection!

  59. Karan Gandhi

    Worth the money – decent product

  60. Mo H

    The best quality and dependably large-size almonds.

  61. dingbattq9

    Resealable packet to keep them fresh ,arrived in good time, would recommend them

  62. Jo

    I like this product. The packaging is great to preserve. The Almonds were as described and not broken. I highly recommend buying it and already bought three times

  63. Me

    Great to snack on during the day, or to use in cooking/salads.

  64. Gurpal

    Quality of product is excellent and can be used for baking and just eating by themselves1 Highly recommended!

  65. J N Baker

    all good with these products.Product is fresh, has good fats.
    full of my required proteins. good mixed with walnut pulverised and cashew nuts.

  66. Nima 🐨

    Good quality, a little crispy which is nice. If you want to receive the maximum benefit from nuts, then its best to consume them in the morning. I’d buy again!

  67. Kristy

    Not bad

  68. Mr. R. D. Boyton

    Nicely packaged in a resealable bag and arrived in good time. The nuts were in good fresh condition and had a mild, pleasant flavour.

  69. Mary

    Sent as a gift to my nephew. He loves them.

  70. [email protected]

    Royal mail delivered late 😐

  71. MaK

    Your raw almonds are so fresh and taste so good. Thank you.

  72. Annie

    Yummy- Nice product at decent price

  73. Dinky bennett

    Taste love…no bitterness have used in cooking & ate as snack…nicest I’ve bought…

  74. Chris.L

    Like all your products the quality never disappoints.

  75. Madpars

    all fine, thanks


    I am delighted with my purchase the Almonds look so fresh and tasty, and so do the cashew nuts that I bought thank you .

  77. JH

    Very tasty

  78. Agnes

    I add almonds to my cereal almost every day. They’re hard to find in bulk. Love it and the container is so handy.

  79. Doksy

    Tasty and crunchier than I expected

  80. Happy Lady

    I love Almonds, these ones are the best ever to me!

  81. Oliver

    There’s not a lot to say about almonds, at least, in this case there’s nothing bad to say. They taste good and all appear to be whole.

  82. Sakura Mochi

    These are great – delicious, crunchy and fresh! I love almonds, especially for their health benefits as part of my fitness/nutrition regime, and these are such great value. I’m a bit fussy with almonds as I don’t like the bitter ones, but these are perfect and I’ve sat it on my worktop, I keep dipping in for a handful! Really impressed with these and will probably add it to my regular grocery products.

  83. Annali Koskinen

    The nuts are lovely and fresh – almonds go a bit soft and musty if they’re going out of date so I was curious about this, but they’re just about perfect.

  84. Ms K

    The almonds have a clean, fresh taste and the right amount of crunch as you would expect from unroasted almonds. They are whole nuts; fairly uniform in size, without broken pieces and dust.

  85. Rob Sedgwick

    The almonds taste delicious and are of very consistent quality (I haven’t had a bad one yet!). They are easy to eat, but not something you want to eat mouthfuls of. We use ours just as a quick snack between meals. They are high in “good fats” so hopefully quite healthy too, being unsalted. Buying them in big size makes sense and they should last several months before quality dips.

  86. Arina


  87. T. Russell

    The taste is absolutely fine

  88. Mrs C Dixon

    Was buying during regular shop but this is much better value for money.

  89. Zumi Daniel

    I bought these because I get through a lot of nuts, as I use them in smoothies daily. Almonds can be difficult because, often, they are NOT fresh. Rancid or stale almonds are really horrible to eat. Also, I now soak all my nuts before use, or before I eat them. Soaking nuts makes them healthier to eat, as you release the acid that keeps them from decaying. So, I am very very fussy about the quality of nuts I buy.
    Happy to say, that these nuts are FRESH, TASTY and GOOD QUALITY. [I hope this standard is maintained.]
    They peel off easily when soaked, and taste amazing! I have yet to come across a single dud almond.

  90. Benjamin

    For natural almonds these have a good flavour and texture, and are of consistent quality. Almonds have a unique texture which I fell makes them best eaten on their own to enjoy to the fullest, and not mixed with other nuts, so buying them in this way I always feel is by far the best way; of course that could apply to many types of nut.

  91. Mother of Dragonflies

    These almonds are perfect as a snack (1 handful is a good recommended serving size daily) or perhaps even for your homemade smoothies or spreads.

  92. Bubs & Puds

    Whether you use these for snacking or for baking, these are superb. I like snacking on em whilst watching TV. But be careful, as 100g is 630 kcals.

  93. Burd

    Excellent quality product. Great flavour, too (unlike some raw Almonds I purchased from a well known high street health food store, that were so bitter-tasting they were inedible). It goes without saying that I took them back and, in fairness, obtained a very unbegrudging and apologetic refund)

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